Is India Beating China in Medical Education?
Is India Beating China in Medical Education?

India Medical Education:

The medical education of India is facing lots of challenges in its way. With the increment of medical degrees in institutes, the ratio of doctors and medical students are increasing. In offers cities of India, the infrastructure of hospitals, medical clinics, and educational institutes are not well maintained. These limited resources produced hurdles in the way of growth and development of the country. So it is most important to set up the best quality of medical education in each sector of India. Only education can promote the equal distributions of the resources by using different methodologies.

China Medical Education:

The china medical education system is run by the government. The number of government employee are working independently in hospitals. China is now one of the leading countries in the medical field. China opens the new door for foreign students like Indian doctors made in China. China offers MBBS degree for overseas students. Students by doing MBBS from China can go back in their country and get good jobs in best health care services. 

How India Beating China in Medical Education:

If we talk about China medical education system then the system of India somehow is not beating China medical education. China has better health care system as compared to India. China medical education produces longer life capacity for Chinese people. China has high tech laboratories in their private and government sector universities. The tuition fee of medical universities is very low as compare to Indian universities. NEET coaching centers in India providing online lectures for the preparation of NEET medical exam.

Modern Education Trend:

With the passage of time, the modern trend of education is creating hype among students and trend is changing constantly. Back to the year’s student get the education by going schools on time but with the help of new technology, students can be using their own gadgets can access easily information.

These type of classrooms provide a collaborative virtual learning environment for students. The modern trend of education made the world global village.

Good Changing of Indian Medical Education:

The scope of medical education in India is very high. India is one of that country which is producing many doctors all over the world. The medical council of India (MCI) is the main body who approve the significant important reforms for medical. With the passage of time, the medical education of India is improving more. The number of private medical institutes are providing better healthcare facilities for their students. The trained medical staff of also offering different medical health care programs. NEET is the all India medical test which is conducted by CBSE each year to provide admission in MBBA and B.S in top listed medical universities.